Okamura Corporation Fukuoka Office Logo Competition

At Kyushu University Faculty of Design, we are working in cooperation with Okamura Corporation towards achieving the SDGs goals.
Okamura Corporation will reopen its new laboratory office (Note 1), as well as a co-creation space (Note 2), in Hakata, Fukuoka City, and has invited the students of Kyushu University to design the logos for both facilities.
We are looking for new designs.

(Note 1)
The laboratory office is an office to test creative work styles. Its purpose is, based on various creative working styles, to test out ways to enhance the abilities of both employees and organizations not just with the latest office furniture, but through work system reform, diversity promotion, and IT tools, and to contribute to society by facilitating the improvement of communication and proposal capabilities.

(Note 2)
Since 2015, the Okamura Corportation has been running the “Work Mill” in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, and regularly holds co-creation events and seminars to think about the meaning of work with stakeholders both inside and outside the company. The Okamura Corporation is reforming the way its employees work and the way they work with customers with the co-creation of those both inside and outside the company.

You can find information about the three co-creation spaces in Japan here:
Tokyo: Open Innovation Biotope “Sea”
Nagoya: Open Innovation Biotope “Cue”
Osaka: Open Innovation Biotope “bee”

[Application Contents]
*Please check the student portal for details
(1)Laboratory office logomark and logotype
(2)Co-creation space logomark and logotype 

1st prize winner: 25,000 Yen
(1)Office Labo logomark and logotype,(2)Co-creation space logomark and logotype
1 prize each

Eligibility and conditions
– You must be a student or graduate student of the Kyushu University Faculty of Design (includes exchange students).
– The submission must be your design and must not have been previously used for other purposes.
– You are free to use any design concept you wish. However, please create your logomark and logotype in a tone similar to those used in the other 3 locations.
– For those submitting designs to both(1)and(2), please create your designs with a common or connected theme.
– You may also submit a design to just (1) or (2).
– The copyright to the logo will belong to the Okamura Corporation and Kyushu University.
– First prize logo data will be used on the Okamura Corporation homepage, as well as in images and publications.
– Until the final logo is decided upon, the person whose submission is chosen will work with the Kyushu University Faculty of Design to adjust the design.

Submission process
– Please submit your entry by e-mail: include your name, affiliation, student ID number, phone number, and e-mail address in the email and submit your logo data and logo explanation as attachments.
– Please put ”Logomark Submission_Your Name” as the email subject. Send attachments as PDF files in 350 dpi resolution (including the logo explanation)and ai data(outline data for the logo only). Each attachment should be under 5 MB.

Application Deadline
31th, October 2018

Application / inquiries
Kyushu University Faculty of Design SDGs Design Unit
Masaru Hokamura


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