Fab Academy 2016

Kyushu University has received support from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s EDGE Program since January 2016, and held an online course on digital fabrication called “Fab Academy.”

This was a course for students, local residents, and faculty to get hands-on experience in craftsmanship and starting businesses while using Kyushu University’s FabLab. Its goal was to create global innovation talent from Kyushu University capable of flourishing in the digital age. The course targeted Kyushu University faculty, undergraduate students, and graduate students.

“Fab Academy” is a program that aims to “learn how to create (almost) anything.” Over the course of 19 weeks, participants systematically learn about manufacturing techniques using digital fabrication, programming, electronic circuit design, CAD, 3D printing, and mechanical design.
Nowadays, with the possibility of dramatic transformation of the shape of innovation emerging with the spread of digital manufacturing devices like 3D printers, participants take MIT Fab Academy classes, the pinnacle of this field, and aim to produce competitive innovation talent.

■ Lecture Details
• principles and practices, project management
• computer-aided design
• computer-controlled cutting
• electronics production
• 3D scanning and printing
• electronics design
• computer-controlled machining
• embedded programming
• mechanical design, machine design
• machine presentations
• input devices
• molding and casting
• output devices
• composites
• networking and communications
• interface and application programming
• applications and implications
• invention, intellectual property, and income
• project development
• project presentations

■ One Week Schedule
Wednesday: Global Distance Lecture
Thursday: Local Lecture
Friday: Review in Japan
Saturday: Assignment Production, Documentation
Monday: Assignment Production, Documentation
Tuesday: Assignment Production, Documentation

■ Links
FabLab Kyushu Univ. students
FabAcademy Japan

FabAcademy Graduation Ceremony
Participants at Work
Final Projects


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