Kyushu University “LGBTs Support Guide” Publication Commemoration Symposium / 3rd Inclusive Design Seminar: Design for LGBTs and an Inclusive Society

October 3rd, 2020

Kyushu University published its official “LGBTs Support Guide” in July 2020. In commemoration, the Faculty of Design held an online symposium on Saturday, October 3 titled “Design for LGBTs and an Inclusive Society: Creating New Value in Universities, Workplaces, and Society.” Many members of the general public attended, for a total of 86 attendees, including staff.

The first half of the symposium featured interviews with three panelists working to solve societal challenges through the creation of new values. The panelists were Professor Hiroya Igarashi of the University of Tsukuba, who is considered Japan’s leading academic in matters of diversity; Mamoru Sato of Accenture Japan Ltd, an LGBT activist with deep knowledge of art who is working to improve society through revolutionary corporate activities; and Jun Nakajima, a young NPO employee who actively addresses the subject of “diverse ways of living and being.”

Professor Igarashi spoke about the “University of Tsukuba Basic Principles and Guidelines for LGBT+” that apply to students and faculty members, the creation of the university’s DAC Center, and the process leading up to university-wide LGBT+ support. In the second half, he also spoke about the need for transcreation design and the concepts of diversity science and inclusion technology, emphasizing the importance of design as a methodology and concept when thinking about matters of diversity and inclusion.

Mr. Sato talked about the launch of the LGBTQ community center Pride House Tokyo Legacy and the LGBTQ Ally Network, which is being promoted within Accenture’s internal inclusion and diversity activities. He also shared the details of Pride House Tokyo Legacy’s mission statement, community concept, organizational and business model design, and its design thinking-driven joint development with approximately 40 organizations.

Mr. Nakajima spoke about how the designs we see around us relate to our perceptions. He explained that messages can be read from the design of everyday things such as resumes, company reception desks, picture books, and train station information boards. “We spend our daily lives immersed in design,” he said. “Such designs have become ‘the everyday’ to us. If so, it may also be possible to also unravel ‘the everyday’ with the help of design.”

The second half of the symposium began with an announcement by the members of arcus, a circle run by LGBTQ minorities at Kyushu University. The members talked about challenges they face, what goes on in their minds, and the creation of places where minorities can socialize and feel at home. Panelists also offered advice on how to deal with various problems mentioned by circle members such as the proper use of honorific titles, discriminatory remarks in class or during medical treatment, and the difficulty of asking for advice. Afterward, there was a Q&A with the panelists and moderators. The participants asked many questions, and many more questions arrived over the Internet via live chat. The event closed as a great success.

We plan to continue holding Inclusive Design Seminars in the future. We are also planning to compile a brief symposium report to be introduced at a later date on the KID NEXT website.


Kyushu University “LGBTs Support Guide” Publication Commemoration Symposium / 3rd Inclusive Design Seminar: Design for LGBTs and an Inclusive Society

October 3, 2020 (Sat) 14:00-17:00 (Doors open 13:45)


14:00 Start / Housekeeping
14:05 Opening Remarks by Masakazu Tani (Dean, Faculty of Design / Vice President,Kyushu University)
14:15 Statement of Purpose
・ How to Think About Social Inclusion and LGBTs
・ New Approaches to Problem-Solving
・ Survey Results Overview
14:25 Lecture 1 – Design vs. Diversity / Hiroya Igarashi
14:45 Lecture 2 – LGBTQ Community Center: Launch and Design Approach / Mamoru Sato
15:05 Lecture 3 – Unraveling the Everyday: Beyond Commonplace Design / Jun Nakajima
15:25 Break
15:35 Comments from Members of Kyushu University Sexual Minority Circle arcus
15:45 Speaker + Moderator Q&A
16:50 Future Plans Survey
16:55 Closing Remarks by Satoshi Muraki (Deputy Research Director, Faculty of Design, Kyushu University)

Hiroya Igarashi
Specially Appointed Professor, University of Tsukuba (DAC Center Advisor, Entrepreneurial Education Supervisor)
After graduating from university (department of science and engineering, mechanical engineering major), Hiroya worked at the GK Industrial Design Laboratory and the Fuji Xerox Design Laboratory before then becoming a professor of art at Tsukuba College of Technology and University of Tsukuba. Afterward, he served as director of the Center for Diversity, Accessibility and Career Development and as an executive officer at the University of Tsukuba before taking on his current position.

Mamoru Sato
Senior Manager, Accenture Interactive Headquarters
In his current position, Mamoru leads projects such as the formulation of business strategies for the digital age, the launch of new businesses and services, the promotion of organization design and reform, and the reform of marketing businesses. He is also in charge of Accenture Japan’s LGBTQ Ally Network, where he plans and promotes policies for both internal and external “Allies” and their related parties. He is also the Project Producer for the Accenture Art Department and holds leading insights in the domain of “(Design + Art) x Business x Technology.”

Jun Nakajima
Gender Diversity Promoter (Also: NPO staff, course instructor, etc.)
Born in Fukuoka Prefecture, Jun began broadcasting to the Kanto region with the theme of gender diversity while he was still in university. After working for a private company, he obtained his master’s in sociology. Currently, as one of several occupations, he actively communicates to local governments, schools, and companies with the theme of “diverse ways of living and being.” Jun believes that gender is a human right and an important component of living true to oneself. He is particularly interested in communicating with and educating children.

Mia Nakamura, Yoshita Ogata (Faculty of Design, Kyushu University)

Faculty of Design, Kyushu University Design Initiative for Diversity & Inclusion Preparation Office

Kyushu University Center for Health Sciences and Counseling, Kyushu University Office for the Promotion of Gender Equality, Kyushu University Faculty of Design Social Art Lab, Kyushu University School of Design Futures Course

Hiroya Igarashi
Mamoru Sato
Jun Nakajima


October 3rd, 2020: 14:00 p.m.-17:00 p.m.




Kyushu University Design Initiative for Diversity & Inclusion Preparation Office



  • Jun Nakajima NPO
  • Mia Nakamura Faculty of Design, Kyushu University
  • Yoshito Ogata Faculty of Design, Kyushu University


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