Exhibition of student works "Insignificant Things."

March 18th - 20th, 2021

On March 18, 2021, a large, silvery, human-shaped object that appeared at Kyushu University’s Ohashi Campus attracted people’s attention on the street. This object was one of the works in the “Invisible Man Project,” an exhibition of “inconsequential things.” This exhibition was planned and organized by fourth-year students from the Department of Industrial Design, the Department of Image Design, and the Department of Art and Information Design in the Faculty of Art and Design at Kyushu University.

This exhibition is the first time it has been held. The number of members who sympathized with the idea of having a solo exhibition by Kaoru Terasaki, the representative of the planning and management team, increased, and the idea was developed over a year. The idea was to preserve the works that students can create only now and expect that the exhibition would bring about some students’ changes. The exhibition’s theme, “Insignificant Things,” refers to trivial things that are not useful or something to be told to everyone but are necessary to cherish. This is insignificant but lovely. Through the works of art, visitors are asked to think about what “insignificant things” mean to them as they appreciate each of the different things that are important to each artist.

Visitors told the students that the works and the words moved them, and the students seemed to be surprised that the works they created freely for themselves could move the hearts of others.

(Message from Kaoru Terasaki, the representative)
I would be happy if this exhibition could be an opportunity for people to look at “insignificant things” someday, somewhere. Thank you to everyone who came to the exhibition.


List of works
1 Toilet chair
2 Chair on the swing
3 Marumado Book
4 Water Vase
5 flower shop
6 Tire Documentation
7 Sleepy Night
8 Invisible Man Project

Kaoru Terazaki (Department of Industrial Design 4-year student)
Hikari Hirasawa (Department of Industrial Design 4-year student)
Keisuke Shoji (Department of Industrial Design 4-year student)
Masaya Mizuta (Department of Industrial Design 4-year student)
Taisei Katsube (Department of Art and Information Design 4-year student)
Nonoka Kojima (Department of Visual Communication Design 4-year student)

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Marumado Book
Water Vase


March 18th - 20th, 2021, 11:00-19:00* until 18:00 on the last day


Kyushu University Ohashi Campus,Building4 2F, Beside the fountain

4-9-1 Shiobaru Minami-ku Fukuoka Japan


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