Environmental Design Global Hub, Talk & Discussion "What are young Asian architects thinking?" Perspectives from Fukuoka, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh

June, 2nd, 2018

Three young architects from Fukuoka, Bangkok, and Ho Chi Minh will be invited to hold a public lecture and discussion. They will be talking about today’s questions in Asia. How do they deal with the current state of the city or region? What is the new aesthetic and space-born from it? – Exploring the forefront of Asian architectural design.

[Speakers] Shunri Nishizawa, Yu Momoeda and Pornpas Siricururatana
Moderator: Masaaki Iwamoto (Assistant Professor, Kyushu University)
<Japanese / Admission free / No reservation required>

Shunri Nishizawa
He was born in Tokyo in 1980. After graduating from the University of Tokyo, he worked at Tadao Ando Architect and Associates and then became the partner of Vo Trong Nghia Co., Ltd. In 2015,he founded his firm, NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He has received numerous awards both at home and abroad, including the Vietnam Architectural Institute Award, Arcacia Architecture Award, and WADA Award 2017. His main works: House in Chau Doc (2017), Restaurant in Ben Thanh (2018)

Yu Momoeda
He was born in Nagasaki in 1983. He graduated from the Kyushu Institute of Design, Environmental Design (currently known as Faculty of Design, Kyushu University) and Yokohama National University. After working for Kengo Kuma & Associates, He has established his Design Office known as Momoeda Yu Architecture Office in 2014. He has won numerous awards both at home and abroad, including SD reviews and AR Emerging Architecture Awards. Currently, he serves as a part-time lecturer at Kyushu University. His main works are: Agri Chapel (2016), Four Funeral Houses for 4 families (2018)

Pornpas Siricururatana
She was born in Bangkok in 1985. She studied at the University of Tokyo as International students. After graduating from the University of Tokyo, she worked as an architect at the Department of Contemporary Culture, Ministry of Culture, Kingdom of Thailand. She is a lecturer at Kasetsart University since 2014. In addition to the design work based in Bangkok, she also engages in various activities such as working as a guest editor for the art magazine “art4d”. Her main work: Rachadamundun Contemporary Art Center (2013) and 999/84 (2014).


Faculty of Design 50th Anniversary Project
Co-organized by Environmental Design Global Hub and Konton Kai


2018年6月2日: 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm


Kyushu University Ohashi Campus, Building 2, 2F, Gallery

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