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Open Lecture “Digital Fabrication and Woodworking”

In recent years computer controlled digital creation devices such as 3D printers and milling machines have undergone rapid development, and they are receiving a lot of attention under the term “digital fabrication.” In the same way that personal computers and smartphones changed people’s daily lives, digital machine tools becoming smaller and cheaper are causing huge changes to construction, furniture, and other areas involving “making things.”

In an era like this with new technologies, just how will local businesses change? Will “digital fabrication” cause changes to the Japanese lumber industry? Combining the new technologies of “digital fabrication” with the technologies of a local area, can the range of possibilities for “making things” can be broadened?

Minamioguni-machi had been heavily involved in the lumber industry going way back, and three specialists from Japan and Australia talked about new possibilities for “digital fabrication” and woodworking / wood construction.

Also, this open lecture was held along with the “Digital Fabrication and Local Craft” symposium, a cooperative effort between Kyushu University and the University of New South Wales.

16:30 Doors open
17:00 Introduction
17:10 Lecture 1  Akiyoshi Koki (VUILD)
17:30 Lecture 2  Gabriele Ulacco (AR-MA)
18:00 Lecture 3 Komiyama Yosuke (Kyoto University)
18:20 Question and answer session
18:30 Closing

UNSW Smart Cities Research Cluster, UNSW Design Futures Lab, UNSW Built Environment
Kyushu University Environmental Design Global Hub

Australia-Japan Foundation


November 26th (Monday), 2018, 17:00 - 18:30


Minamioguni-machi Town Hall


Free of charge No booking required



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