The 14th Study of Design Fundamentals Seminar “Research through Design – Theory and Practice”


Kyushu University Faculty of Design is working on the fundamentals of design science to systematize design. We are pleased to invite Dr Daijiro Mizuno, a specially-appointed professor of Kyoto Institute of Technology, KYOTO Design Lab, to share with us, “Research Through Design – Theory and Practice”.This seminar is open to anyone. We look forward to your visit.

To gain knowledge through design practice is to Research through Design (RtD). As the practical domain of design is expanding from products to services and sustainability, the knowledge that can be gained by actually moving the mind and body is becoming an issue. How has RtD been accepted in Japan, and what should it be?


Daijiro Mizuno
Specially Appointed Professor of Kyoto Design Lab at Kyoto Institute of Technology. After earning a master’s and doctoral degree at RCA, he returned to Japan and was involved in various design projects. He authored, co-authored, and translated major publications including “What is Critical Design” and “Can Fashion be Updated?”. He also won major awards include “Speculative, Wearable, Fashionable” (winner, Ars Electronica STARTS Prize, 2017) and “Transition” (winner, IDFA 2019).


Please apply from the following link in advance.

Deadline for Application: Tuesday, July 28th.

Kyushu University Faculty of Design / School of Design, Design Futures Course


July 29, 2020: Opens at 15:30, starts at 16:00






Professor Toru Koga, Design Fundamental Studies Seminar Office, Kyushu University, Faculty of Design

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