Global Goals Jam Fukuoka x Kyoto Online 2020

What can design do for social issues?
What can design do for the SDGs?
Two-day online jam that tackles sustainability from a global perspective and generates ideas for solving local issues.


〈Date and Time〉
Sep 19th (Fri) and 20th (Sun)
Both are from 9:00 to 18:00

*All sprints will be done online
[2]SPRINT 1|Explore it!
[3]Middle Presentation
[4]SPRINT 2|Respond to it!
[1]Morning Session
[2]SPRINT 3|Make it!
[3]SPRINT 4|Share it!
[4]Final Presentation
[5]Closing Session

〈Recommended for People〉
-Who are interested in the SDGs and want to take action
-Who are interested in the sustainability of Fukuoka and Kyoto
-Who are interested in and committed to solving creative social problems.
-Who want to apply their expertise to social issues
-Who want to be able to talk about the issues happening in the world in their own words, and those who want to make it their own
-Who want to take creative action on education and environmental issues
-Who are interested in online design methods and design sprinting techniques
-Who want to make the output of a workshop or idea-thon not just an idea, but a reality
-Who are working on SDGs and social issues as part of their jobs
-Who are working on SDGs and social issues

〈Conditions of Participation〉
-Must be able to attend the entire 2-day program. (don’t worry if you have family or people around while you work. e.g. Children and -Babies are part of our future!)
-Having one or more of the following skills is an advantage:
-Graphic design, sketching, copywriting, video editing, photography, crafting, digital fabrication, field research, product design, sound design, web production, programming, design thinking, planning, etc.
-Proficiency in English is not required, but the ability to write in English is welcome.
*This workshop used Zoom and Miro as online communication tools.
*Happy with us using recordings(photos or videos) from the purposes of sharing and research.
*Please let us know if you need support in case you need it.

〈Supported by〉
Fukuoka City, United Nations Human Settlements Programme Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific – Fukuoka

Photo from the Last Year


30 people




SDGs Design Unit, Faculty of Design, Kyushu University


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