Workshop Course by Imajyuku Project

The Faculty of Design, Kyushu University, and the Fukuoka City Nishi Ward Office have been working together to revitalize the community of Imajuku, Nishi-Ku, Fukuoka City since the fiscal year 2019.

Last year, we built a new website, “Imajuku Umiyamahito,” where local information and interviews with local people are posted.

In addition, we have redesigned the bus stop of the local bus “Nagisa-go.” This year, we have scheduled a five-session course to train web writers to contribute articles to “Imajuku Umiyamahito.”

<Overview of the Writer’s Workshop (5 Sessions)>

Date: August 23 (Mon.) – September 10 (Fri.) (5 sessions)
Venue: Online (Zoom)
Fee: Free of charge
Capacity: 20 people *on a first-come-first-served basis
Participation requirements: Basic PC skills and advanced Japanese language skill
What to bring: Sessions 2-5: Laptop PC, tablets, smartphone, or other input devices
4th session: Tablet, smartphone, digital camera, or other photography equipment


Session 1: August 23(Mon), 13:30-15:30
1) Opening ceremony
2) Introduction of the Imajuku Project
3) Lecture: “Community branding that children can be proud of”
Lecturer: Ms. Mika Takayama, President, Local & Design Co.
4) Exchange Workshop

Session 2: August 27(Fri), 13:30-16:00
Lecture and Practice: “Writing Course without Writing”
Lecturer: Ms. Kyoko Ozaki, Representative Director of Mamatoko Lab

Session 3: September 3(Fri), 13:30-16:00
Lecture and Practice: “Let’s Interview”
Lecturer: Ms. Michiko Sato, Director of Mamatoko Lab

Session 4: September 6(Mon), 13:30-16:00
Lecture and practice “How to take a picture”
Instructor: Ms. Aoi Tokikawa, a junior student at Kyushu University

Session 5: September 10(Fri), 13:30-16:00
Workshop “Let’s send out the good people and good places of Imajuku!
Lecturer: Ms. Kyoko Ozaki, Representative Director of Mamatoko Lab

<Lecturer Introduction>

Ms. Mika Takayama
Representative Director of Local & Designer Inc.
Lives in Kurume City. Since marrying a grape farmer, she has been involved in projects that connect urban and rural areas in the fields of education, food, and landscape, based in Tanushimaru Town. She has been involved in many projects in the Chikugo area, such as digging up the history of Tanushimaru, the place where the first Kyoho grapes were planted, the Chikugo Children’s Campus, and Ukiha Forest Therapy. She is also involved in the activities of the “Yamazuto no Kai” which protects the natural environment and nurtures culture at the foot of Mt.

Ms. Kyoko Ozaki
Representative Director, Mamatoko Lab
Ms. Ozaki has worked as an interviewer, writer, and designer for various media from corporations and governments. She is also engaged in the training of mommy writers as part of her efforts to propose and implement diverse lifestyles and work styles for women in their child-rearing years.

Ms. Michiko Sato
Director, Mamatoko Lab
As a part-time lecturer, she teaches “Introduction to Volunteer Practice” at universities. She is also involved in a wide range of activities based in Itoshima to support child-rearing and to create opportunities for women to demonstrate their abilities during child-rearing.

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Writing course (5 sessions):





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