The deadline for applications has been extended to September 21, 2021

Due to the pandemic, the classes in the edu1cational institutions have been disrupted. Hence, we have decided to extend the application deadline to September 21, 2021(Japan Time) to give the students more time to prepare for this competition. We all await your application!

Let’s Create a Carbon-Neutral Society

The world is counting down to the realization of “carbon neutrality,” the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero. Various challenges are being taken on around the world. The scope of these challenges is expanding to include the environment, cities, architecture, products, communication, services, and social systems surrounding our daily lives, and design is needed in every aspect. The theme of this year’s SDGs Design International Awards, now in its third year, is “Let`s Create a Carbon-Neutral Society.”. We are calling for creative ideas from all over the world to address the world`s most urgent mission. Multiple entries are also welcomed.

Schedule (Japan Time)
Application Period…May 15 – August 21, 2021, Japan Time
Announcement of First Review Results…October 1, 2021
Application Period for Final Review…October 1 – October 7, 2021
Announcement of Final Review Results…October 13, 2021
The Award Ceremony…October 16, 2021
The Asian-Pacific City Summit Special Edition Presentation…October 27, 2021

Theme1: Design a Carbon-Neutral City
Gold Award 300,000 yen
Silver Award 100,000 yen
Bronze Award 50,000 yen

Theme2: Design a Carbon-Neutral Lifestyle
Corporate Awards/University Award 50,000 yen each

1. Toyota Motor Kyushu Award
Topic: UX design allows everyone to enjoy knowing and learning “ How can we not emit CO2?”

2. Pietro Awards
Topic: Ideas on carbon-neutrality that can be fun and done through “food” at home.

3. Kyushu Mirai Construction Group Award
Topic: Design on sustainable buildings through resource circulation such as materials and energy.

4. Kyushu University Negative Emission Technology Award
Topic: Ideas on how to use a machine that turns air into energy

Theme 1 & 2: Special Award for High School Student(s)
Special Online Campus Tour by Kyushu University(planned)
Special award(s) for high school students will be given to the best design proposal(s) submitted.

Please design according to the given theme and use the entry form provided on the website. The entry form can be downloaded by clicking on the “Submit Your Entry” button on the website.

For more information, please refer to SDGs Design International Awards 2021

Sponsored by Kyushu University, Faculty of Design, SDGs Design Unit, and Kyushu University, Center for Designed Futures

Co-sponsored by Kyushu Shiawase Kyoso Labo(Kyushu Happiness Co-creation Lab; KYUSHU HAKUHODO)

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