Kyushu University x FFG: Financial service design lecture course for the digital native generation

October 11th - November 22th, 2020

Kyushu University School of Design, Business School (QBS), and the Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Center (QREC) were welcoming Fukuoka Financial Group, Inc. (CEO and Company President: Takashige Shibato, hereinafter: “FFG”) as a production coordination partner for a new course and were conducting lectures and workshops related to the development of a new financial services design course targeted to digital native generation students (*1).

At QBS and QREC, the “new education program fusing design, business, and entrepreneurship” was launched recently, and these organizations have a history of promoting a practical education ideal through partnerships with corporations and NGOs.

FFG has recently opened a lecture course in which students will learn new value-creation methods and philosophies with the help of FFG’s accumulated knowledge and expertise in service planning. The students, the “digital native generation,” worked on designing financial services they would want to use.

As defined by FFG, the digital native generation will grow to account for over 60% of the total adult workforce by 2030, and through the progression of transfer of financial assets (through inheritance, etc.) from their parents’ generation, they will the core of not only in terms of population but also financial transaction volume.

The digital native generation will become increasingly important for society in the future, and by developing this opportunity for them to acquire knowledge of value creation, this project will promote practical education directly linked to innovation.

In addition, the superb service ideas acquired from this course will be applied to the “Wallet+” dedicated smartphone service developed by iBank Marketing Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Kenichi Nagayoshi) and the “Establishing a Bank for Everyone Project (*2),” which strives to create a new digital native bank, both of which are affiliated with FFG, the course will make efforts to develop actual social implementation of ideas born from the lectures.

*1: Term for the combination of two generation groups, “Millennial” born between 1981 and 1996 and “Generation Z” born between the late 19990s and 2000 (FFG definition)

*2: Requires approval of the relevant authorities as a prerequisite.


[Cooperation Overview]


[Course name]Co-Creation Creative Leadership Seminar II

[Supervising instructor]Masaki Matsunaga (Kyushu University Business School (QBS))


Total of 5 sessions between October 11th - November 22th, 2020


Online (Zoom)


All Kyushu University students are free to attend.


Kyushu University Faculty of Design, The Office of Strategic Initiatives and Projects



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