Joint Design Workshop with National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

This is a joint design workshop with Cheng Kung University (Tainan, Taiwan), one of our academic and student exchange partner, for our temporary Global Design Project V class. In this class, we will focus on the cities of Fukuoka and Tainan for a mutual understanding of the shared and different aspects of culture, values, and lifestyle of both countries revolving around the problems aging populations and declining birthrates, which are global social problems, and learn the methodology of field research and service design. In addition, through an international group composed of faculty and students from Cheng Kung University and faculty and students from Kyushu University, students will learn how to work together remotely, carry out projects, and improve their communication skills. This class will be conducted as part of EDGE-NEXT.

Reference: GDP-V 2018GDP-V 2019


Contents of workshop:
With the theme of “Design for a Healthy City”, we will look closely at the lives of local citizens (primarily the elderly), and consider services using IoT technology. The class will be taught primarily in English.

Keywords:The elderly, healthy city, double diamond, persona and scenario methods, user journey map, movie creation, etc.


Kyushu University: Ryoichi Tamura, Satoshi Ushiama, Tokushu Inamura
National Cheng Kung University: Prof. Sheng-Fen Chien, Prof. Chia-Han Yang, Prof. Hsi-Jen Chen


Credits:  3 credits


Theme:  Design for a healthy city
Term 1: Orientation, lectures on research and design methodology, gathering and reporting information regarding case studies of regional efforts relating to health

Term 2: Persona and scenario methodology, lectures on user journey maps, finding issues, creating ideas, creating service scenarios, etc.

Term 3: Final presentation, process in practice and final evaluation, etc.


・In principle, you must be able to participate from Term 1 to 3.
・Those who are planning to graduate in March 2021 must meet the required graduation or completion credits outside this class.


Ryoichi Tamura, Associate Professor, Department of Design Strategy, Faculty of Design


Term 1: From the end of October through the beginning of November, 2020 (the first class is scheduled for on October Saturday the 24th, starting at 1pm; we are currently working with the other university on a schedule).
Term 2: From the end of November through the beginning of December, 2020
Term 3: From the end of February, 2021


This class will be held via distance education due to COVID-19. Remote collaboration is often used in the design industry (in the development of UX, for example), and we feel this will be a beneficial experience for the students.


Kyushu University students from the undergraduate (years 2-4) and masters courses. We welcome students who are interested in studying abroad, who want to take classes at foreign universities, who are interested in practical international joint projects, and who are interested in social issues and IoT technology. Students scheduled to graduate in March 2021 must be able fulfill their graduation requirements outside of this class.


8 people


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